Addictive car cleaning.

Products so good that once you start, you just can't stop.

Welcome to SANSOM

Home of the best car cleaning products available.

Made by our chemical craftsmen with love and devotion in the UK.

Used and recommended by the UK's top pro-detailers.

We have a pretty simple philosophy:
To make products that we actually enjoy using every day and are proud to recommend.
"Minimum effort. Maximum results."

We’ve been correcting, perfecting and protecting vehicle paintwork since 2006, specialising in rare, cherished and high value cars for enthusiasts and collectors.

And the No 1. question asked by clients – “how do I maintain this finish?”

Every brand has one or two signature products that we’d recommend but there’s not one brand that covered all bases.

So, we set out to craft our own range that we’d be happy to use every day and proud to recommend.

All you need to clean, shine and protect your car with minimum effort, maximum results.

Our team is a fusion of top detailers and UK chemists set free from the constraints of large corporates and now able to focus on performance and usability, not costs and profits.

We have taken best chemistry, tools and techniques from the professional world and distilled them into only the essential things you need.

We believe that cleaning your car should be fast and fun.


Crafted by professionals, trusted by enthusiasts, but suitable for anyone who wants to keep their car looking its best.

Remove as much dirt and grime as possible
before touching your paintwork with your shampoo and wash mitt.
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Luxurious suds that clean effortlessly
and rinse away easily to give a streak free finish.
Spray on, rinse off.
All the benefits of a wax, none of the hassle.
Quickly and safely remove brake dust
and road grime from your wheels.
Cleaners that leave windows and
mirrors sparkling and smear free.
All you need to refresh and revive seats,
carpets, dashboard and trim.